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Stargate: Atlantis -- The Show Goes On

an SGA Fiction Fest

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As we all know, SGA's last episode will air on January 9th. However, as we also know, a fandom doesn't need a continuing canon to survive and even flourish; we're perfectly good at working without that particular net. And so, to emphasize that idea and to help those of us who will miss the show, it's time for a fest. This idea isn't mine; it's something velocitygrass came up with and that she generously allowed me to steal borrow.

Stargate: Atlantis -- The Show Goes On

This is an anything goes (with one exception) fest: it's open to artists, writers and vidders, and you can create slash, het or gen works. The one exception is John/Rodney, because there's already a fest for this pairing, called John/Rodney -- It's only just begun..... Think of show_goes_on as a sister fest to the John/Rodney fest.

How it works:

This is a prompt type fest, not an exchange. You can leave prompts without committing yourself to writing anything. In fact, you're encouraged to leave as many prompts as you like, provided that they are formatted properly. There will be more information about the formatting in the prompt post.

Once I post the list of prompts and the date the prompts are due, the writers, artists and vidders can pick prompts and get started. Each prompt can only be used by two people.

On your due date, you post your creation.

Yes, it's that simple.

The schedule doesn't run exactly parallel to the John/Rodney fest because I'm starting the process a little later.


December 10 -- prompt post goes up -- it is here.
December 14 -- prompts close
December 15 -- prompt list goes up and people may begin claiming prompts at 6pm PST
January 16 (one week after the last episode) -- posting begins.
February 13 -- Fest closes.

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